Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SuperCrypt - 256GB flash drive with encryption support and USB 3.0

Company Super Talent has announced a series of flash drives SuperCrypt, the main advantages of which are high speed data transfer through the interface of USB 3.0, as well as hardware data encryption algorithm AES. Drives are available in a choice of 16 to 256 GB. Chrome housing has dimensions of 95 x 34 x 15.4 mm. To connect to a PC without any additional cables.Devices compatible with the traditional ports USB 2.0, but the transfer speed but will be significantly lower. In addition to the normal version SuperCrypt, which applies 128-bit encryption mode simple replacement (ECB), the choice available in Pro-version, providing better protection of information through the mechanism of 256-bit encryption XTS. Both versions are equipped with password protection. About the price there is no information.


Anonymous said...

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